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Gen Con UK 2007

Change Con - Design Changes

Design Changes

Sunday 1st June 2008

There have been login and other problems occuring regularly. Altough easily fixed, they had to be addressed each time they happened. So the site was in effect unreliable.

We have now moved to a new server. This will provide us with:

  • The error should not recur
  • More general reliability
  • Better security
  • Faster server
  • More fecilities for use in the future

I'd like to thank all of you for your patience while we addressed this

Monday 2nd July 2007

Summary of changes:

  • The design of the edges has changed.
  • New menu system

Reasons are:

  • There were problems with some browsers, e.g. Opera
  • Faster loading (the previous menu system took ages for a page to load, more noticable if you were running your computer wireless).
  • The menus would "go behind" some items on forms, causing them to be hard to use.
  • A lot of screen space a the top was "wasted" with that huge curve.
  • A new change from time to time is a good thing!


  • The change was posted to the forum several days ago to allow people to have a look. Thanks for those who did have a look and sent feedback.
  • I will still make small changes to the design, based on any feedback I get. Please send your feedback to

Consupport webmaster

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